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Banding Together Over Moments That Break You with Betsy and Amanda of “Why Mommy Drinks”

July 23, 2020

If you've listened to even a few of our podcast episodes, or attended The Pump and Dump Show, you know a lot of our mission is to keep it real and honest as we navigate motherhood. No filters. No B.S. Just truth.

Well, there's no one better to commisserate with than the awesome moms of the brilliant, hilarious and wildly popular podcast "Why Mommy Drinks" and we're lucky to be able to chat with hosts Betsy Stover and Amanda Clark about life with three kids (they EACH have three kids!) laughing and bonding over the moments that break us as moms, and why they now scream CAW CAW! in solidarity at Target.


There's nothing more validating that finding a Band of Mothers who support and love you, while laughing the whole time. If you haven't had a chance to "meet" Betsy and Amanda, then you're in for a real treat.


Why Mommy Drinks



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